What’s the Best Router….an update…

I have blogged on ‘What’s the Best Router’ last month (January) and I want to give an update regarding my recent experienced on a D-Link DIR 655 Router. The setup took me only 10 minutes without any help from the CD installation that came with the package. The performance was so great and able to use a few great features that our old Linksys router don’t have.  It worked flawlessly for 2 weeks, but then after that it started acting up – all the wireless devices kept on disconnecting. I had to do a Power Cycle almost everyday, I have searched for the latest firmware but the router has already the latest firmware.  I have performed a hard reset to the factory default setting then reconfigured everything from scratch.

Guess what? It didn’t work! Could it be faulty,  it’s a brand new router?  I have waited for another two weeks to see if the issue will be alleviated and the answer is No. I had no regrets at all buying the D-Link router, these things can happen and it is a learning experience and it is replaceable. I have decided to return it to Amazon which is a hassle free return.  I just ordered a Netgear Dual-band Router and should be arriving anytime.  Hopefully it will work great for us because we have a few wireless devices and it would be nice for HD video streaming as well.

While we are awaiting for the Netgear router, we’re currently using the old Linksys G router  (which we’ve been using for a couple of years now). I wanted a new router to make use of all the new features that this old Linksys don’t have which I have already mentioned in my first blog (don’t want to be repetitive).

Finding the ‘Best Router’ for you will be a challenged and can be daunting. Again, reviews would help as well but not until you actually heavily utilize it and see the performance – the good and the bad.

I have shared my experience…Make sure that you buy from a reputable Vendor. I use Amazon and Newegg most of the time for personal and business use and so far all the electronic items that I have returned have been refunded.

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