Funny and Clever Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) or Wireless Network Names

SSID is often called as wireless network name. Do you have a funny or clever name for your wireless network? By default SSID’s default name is your router’s name (e.g. Netgear, Dlink, Linksys) which often use in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN).  It is recommended to change the default SSID when you first setup your wireless network for security purpose and a bit of personalization.

Is your wireless network name called….. IamaNerd, WanToberich or Goneforever? Does is it have a special meaning to you?

Others that wish to annoy their neighbors or to get rid of Wi-Fi Leechers use these SSIDs:  Donotusemywifi or Getyourownwifi.

Note:  The above wireless names are just examples. It’s not very pleasant to use a wireless network name to harass your neighbors because it might cause trouble for you later on.

You may also deliver a message to your neighbor by using these SSIDs:   Turndownyourmusic, whysoquiet, Niceneighbor etc….

Some silly or funny SSIDs:  Peekabu, Kissme, Kiwi4u  etc…

Now, it’s your turn….I have given some examples of SSIDs, please share your own funny or clever SSID and please post a comment below and we would like to hear from you. Please be cautious, nothing offensive.

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